brot == bread. let’s break some bread.


  • brotDAO is a decentralized organization that aims to bring together artists across the world for a common goal of financial security and prosperity.

  • we're a tokenized community, backed by $BROT, our governance/social token

  • we're building tools and community to progress art and music in the web3 space


  • web2 has brought an era of "content" that drains the creative mind

  • independent artists and musicians are being swindled by the dominant platforms of today (e.g Spotify) and the means of financial security have become scarcer by the day

  • we want to help onboard those interested in web3, ethereum, etc. and help guide artists through the “new internet”. 


  • musicians, designers, artists, developers or anyone who denotes themselves as a creative and aligns with the common goals of brotDAO

  • existing community afiliated members, maybe you?

project info

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treasury wallet (Gnosis Safe): 0x0c62A4563Cc525401EbcDad475757D805AEC5008︎︎︎

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github organization:  github.com/brotDAO︎︎︎

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