$BROT is the official ERC-20 token of brotDAO.


  • BROT is the gateway to all things brotDAO. Members must hold a minimum amount of 10 BROT tokens to participate in the community. 

  • Access to the brotDAO discord server is granted by verifiying your ethereum web3 wallet with Colllab.Land. Further down the line, we will begin requiring applications to further gate access to our community.

  • BROT also functions as the governance token for brotDAO. Members must hold BROT to participate in snapshot votes. 

  • We’re still in the early days of web3. brotDAO plans to grow slowly, taking the best approaches to forming the new abstract concept of a DAO. In the future, we aim to utilize BROT for our funding, helping to build artist grants and IRL events. BROT is for those who align themselves with our vision. 



Contract Address (ETH): 0xc6287874391410c77e3fd73748c735f9381b8859︎︎︎

Contract Address
(PoS): 0xceb082ab7c63d68476797223a84f49e0284e9b29︎︎︎

Max Supply: 100,000 BROT



  • Public Liquidity Pool offerings on AMM’s (i.e Uniswap) will be decided upon by the founding members of the DAO. 
  • $BROT is not publicly available yet, and is not being sold. We’re distributing tokens to members of our local networks and existing communities. If you’re curious, send us a message and get involved.

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